I believe the best way to make an intelligent decision is to first examine all the facts. If there was ever a subject that causes millions of people to do the proverbial ‘put your head in the sand’ this subject will always reign as number one to me.

Science proves beyond any doubt that a baby within the womb is a living being. We all agree that the baby's environment is one of more dependency than just oxygen to survive, but nevertheless, the fact is that when the abortionist begins cutting away at the child, the baby feels every stab, cut, and dismemberment with excruciating pain. This new person has feelings, something they do not tell the young women as they admit them into their clinics, neither that they make vast sums of money selling their body parts.

A Simple Comparison

Environmentalists say that the problem with the earth is that the selfishness and greed of many men to do what is personally best, lucrative, and easiest for them, being unconcerned for their action’s effect on others, is a crime. Scientists concur that our many of man’s self-centered actions have consequences for all.  The fact is, our individual lives depend on each other, even to survive. We all carry a responsibility for our actions to each other.

Therefore, whether I consider ‘my personal space’ being the cubic area that I exist in as only my own, it still has a direct effect on others, as slight or as great as it may be, depending on the circumstances. The fact is we are all dependent on each other in actual and quantifiable degrees. Whether doing a simple act like starting my car (in my space) that influences someone else’s lungs, or ending the life of a child, because he or she is within a mother’s internal space. Both have a scientific and moral responsibilities attached.

In the case of pregnancy, we have an extreme dependency of one life on another. Just because a baby resides in ‘mom's space’ does not cancel the fact that the mother stills carries a moral and scientific obligation to keep that environment livable for this new person.

For the 99% of women who had made the decision to engage in the act that could result in a birth, all the while knowing that a life could come forth from that act, has she not already made her choice?

The fact that she may have to live for a brief time of sacrifice to provide a sustainable environment for this new life that has already been created, should have no comparably ethical, loving, or moral reasoning and that the brief time of sacrifice and temporary inconvenience cannot be compared to the horror of killing a living, innocent person.

And as far the comparably few casualties of ‘death if I don’t get an abortion', the number is infinitely smaller than the millions of innocent children being brutally killed every day. Does not common sense and logic show its more important to save millions of lives over a few, if that decision must be made. I pity those who do not understand these truths. According to Jesus, our choices do have eternal consequences, whether we believe it or not.


Why have so many investors retreated from early stage technology startups ?

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Why I am Pro-Life; Science & Morality

​​After almost 25 years of working on Internet projects and startups, I have come to the conclusion that the challenge presented today for most entrepreneurs to compete with the giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc., is that the tech world has become an unfair place to operate and statistics seem to prove it.  If 90-95% of startups fail to overcome the challenge of breaking into profitability, that really equates to about one success story for about every twenty failures. So even if you have been part of ten great startups, you still have ten to go before statistically making it to 'Internet heaven'.

In the old days, corporations that were too big were 'broken up' due to the sheer unfairness and inability for the small players to compete.  Today, large tech billionaires are able to control the web and technology to the point of no return for startups and startup Investors. As for me (now at 60 years of age), I believe we are at the point of no return.  I have heard it with my own ears. "Crush them, and if that doesn't work, acquire them for as little as possible."  That is the mantra in the Silicon Valley today. I was born in Palo Alto and I know many people there. I'm talking from real life experience.

While studying at a top university, I remember learning some of the methods used by these huge companies to  conquer startups. "How do we deal with up and coming competitors and how do we maintain our dominion?" Answer #1: Litigate. "We will break them with legal bills that they surely cannot afford."

But what if that does not work? Answer #2: Steal their people. "Offer their team members more money than the startup could ever afford to pay, even if they do nothing here at our company, we must keep them from creating something better somewhere else. We must take all the top talent to maintain our dominion!"  I could go on and on and I have not only read about such things in the last few years, I have seen and experienced the effect of world wide technology & talent domination.

Entrepreneurs will continue to create new and better technologies in spite of this present environment. 

However, my advice today for anyone participating in a startup at any level, whether it be as a team member, engineer, Investor, leader, etc., is to remember this, for every ninety to ninety five companies that eventually experience total loss, five will probably make it.  And those odds are real, no matter how great the idea.  You have better odds at any casino. Playing the black or red on the roulette wheel is a little less than 50/50 odds that you will double or lose your money instantly, but the pain is over much quicker. 

Lastly, what entrepreneurs hope for still does happen. My high school (St. Francis, Mt. View, Ca) invested $15k into snap-chat early (and yes I personally missed that one). Fifteen thousand became multiple millions of dollars and because of those type of successes, pioneer investors and entrepreneurs will continue to create and bet on great ideas and will continue to create great companies.




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