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In 2009 Mr. Anderson founded Advanced Online Technology. 

He received his Certification in Strategic Marketing

from Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

​He has been ranked #1 on Google for over 10 years.   

"Google Marketing World Record Holder" 

Mr. Anderson's Chief Technical Advisor is Professor Oren Etzioni.  Dr. Etzioni is a Google Scholar and the CEO of the Paul Allen Institute For Artificial Intelligence in Seattle Washington. Dr. Etzioni was the first student to major in computer science at Harvard University, where he earned a bachelor's degree in 1986. He earned a PhD from Carnegie Mellon University in January, 1991. Dr. Etzioni is an entrepreneur who has founded or co-founded several business ventures, including MetaCrawler 

(bought by Infospace), Netbot (bought by Excite), and ClearForest (bought by Reuters). He founded 

Farecast, a travel metasearch and price prediction site, which was acquired by Microsoft in 2008. He

co-founded Decide, a company whose website helped consumers make buying decisions using previous price history and recommendations from other users. was bought by eBay in September, 2013.  He is also a venture partner at the Madrona Venture Group.

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Mr. Anderson received his certification in Strategic Marketing from Stanford Professor Baba Shiv

Mr. Anderson has the contacts and ability to present your company to C- level decision makers, family offices, and Institutional Investors, using intuitive, strategic, and creative 'data driven' marketing presentations that get the job done.

Gene Anderson consults and advisies top artificial intelligence scientists and blockchain innovators to help grow their companies using Machine Learning and advanced online technology driven marketing strategies. 

You are welcome to call Mr. Anderson at 1-503-260-2793 to schedule a free initial consultation today or email him at

Ranked #1  "Google Adwords World Record Holder"

Mr Anderson began his education in Internet Marketing Technology in 1995.  Since then, Gene has worked with many of today's brilliant scientists in Artificial Intelligence, data driven marketing, social web presence, and more.

Today he consults CEO's, CIO's, CTO's, CMO's, etc., in strategic marketing for customer acquisition and capital raising. 

Gene Anderson was recognized by Google as the top revenue producer for the fastest growing adwords marketing agency in the world, as per Google. In 2008, Google's revenue from adwords was over five billion U.S. dollars per quarter. 

Today Mr. Anderson consults technology, software, mining, and manufacturing companies in strategic marketing for both customer acquisition and capital raising.