Online retailers will sell 1.2 trillion dollars worth of goods and services in 2013. Never in history could you write an ad, place it on a website, and within minutes control exactly how many targeted prospects you want. 

Gene has been the CEO of Advanced Online Technology since 2009.
AOT's team members have built APPs and Internet marketing campaigns for fortune 500 companies like Lexus, Adidas, Mitsubishi, Bank of Tokyo, Mutual of Omaha, etc., as well as hundreds of small businesses. Our team was chosen to be one of the few approved to develop apps for Google Glass.

Our knowledge of SEO is unsurpassed. Our team continually speaks at Internet Marketing conferences to crowds of 1000-2000 people, training other agencies on the latest methods that we have discovered regarding Google's algorithms and the best SEO practices a company may use without being penalized.

We have developed a cutting edge organic /social media system that we discuss under a signed NDA. We are the only company who is able to market online in this new and powerful, 100% organic way, without touching the coding of the website.

​Gene Anderson is a Licensed Real Estate broker with Anderson Dunn LLC as well as the CEO of www.AssetsForAsia.com.

Mr. Anderson combines his over 25 years as a licensed general contractor in 2 states (Cal Lic. #465222, Or Lic. #76400) with his Google marketing skills, to become one of the few recognized experts today with a strong marketing technology background
mixed with extensive real estate experience.