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Thank you for visiting . In 2009 Mr. Anderson founded Advanced Online Technology.  Mr. Anderson received his Certification in Strategic Marketing from Stanford University Graduate School of Business.  

Gene Anderson was recognized by Google as the top revenue producer for the fastest growing adwords marketing agency in the world, as per Google. In 2008, Google's revenue from adwords was over five billion U.S. dollars. Today Mr. Anderson consults C-level leaders in strategic marketing for both customer acquisition and capital raising.

Mr Anderson began his education in Internet Marketing Technology in 1995. Since then, Gene has worked with many of today's brilliant scientists in Artificial Intelligence, data driven marketing, social web presence, and more. 

Gene Anderson is an accredited investor, entrepreneur and business consultant. Gene has served as CEO, Chairman, President, and Adviser for both public and private companies. He is the founder of

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Gene Anderson consults from experience, not just text books. Please fill out the form for any speaking or consulting requests. 

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